Branding Your Company Through Strategic Promotional Videos

Making a promotional video to sell your product is the most effective way to increase customer patronage. YouTube is being used by almost one-third of internet users. That’s huge! It is currently the second biggest internet search engine.

This article is not to put YouTube on a pedestal but to make you aware that video is a powerful medium. If you will harness its potential to reach more prospective buyers, you can have an advantage over your rivals.  And if your rivals are also using promotional videos, at least you are on their level; you are not being left too far behind.

Promotional Video 101

A promotional video has the power to make the viewers react right away. For example, your friend wants to buy a car that is reasonably priced but found himself veering towards Ford brand. It meant paying more than his budget but he soon figured out that the Ford car has all the features and the technologies worth paying for. How did it happen? He came across a ford commercial on the internet. Ford motors understand the information their customers are looking for and how to communicate it.

If produced right, a video can be a substantial source of information geared to engage the customers. It can also help increase the traffic on your website and help convert sales. Video production Chicago has recently produced out many famous videos, engaging viewers, and making waves. If the video is clever enough for the viewers to easily pick up, it can go viral. Once your video goes viral, you know what it means for your business, right?

Going Viral

Another cool thing about posting a promotional video on any video sharing website is that it will allow other users to discover your videos through their websites and apps. To maximize the potential of reaching more viewers, you can embed videos on your own social media accounts and tag your friends and families. Ask them a favor to tag their friends too. Imagine the network your video can reach over the internet even if only 20 of your friends shared your video on the page.

There are so many things to include in your promotional video. If you are selling a product, the video is an effective tool to give the market information about what your product is and how it can help them. It can also be used to instruct people how to do something. If your product is a dog shampoo, you can create a video on how to properly bath dogs while reminding them that your product is very good for their furry friends.

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