Video Marketing

Is Video Marketing Effective? 

In today’s modern trend, videos become an indispensable tool in every marketing campaigns carried out by different companies. It is because, through videos, the companies can easily tell  stories better than a thousand words. Videos are powerful tools that are used to disseminate information, to convince viewers to patronize your product, increase traffic in your online pages, and ultimately, to increase the sales and revenue of the business. 

If you are not using video yet to entice new customers, you might be missing out on the following benefits: 

  1. Videos are powerful persuader 

According to different studies, viewers of all demographics are more convinced to try a product after watching a video over other methods. Their reason for choosing video over other mediums is because, with video, they are more connected emotionally. More companies are now investing in research studies to better understand how their product can affect the viewers’ emotions. 

  1. Videos help establish credibility

It’s a human tendency to believe more on what they see than what they just hear or read. They want to know the proof that your product works before they patronize it. This is the department where video marketing becomes more effective over other marketing strategies. A video can show how the product works and what the effect is when the audience uses it. If the video clearly shows this to the audience, they will be inclined to believe it and try your product. 

  1. Increase the traffic of your website

The online community is growing each day. There are millions of internet users around the world. But only a few of web surfers are being directed to your website. If they find your website by any means, they tend to spend less time scanning through it. However, posting videos in your website is a very effective way to make more people discover it easily and make them stay on the page longer. 

  1. Videos are worth your money

A video is cost-effective. As long as you have a quality-produced video and you know how to market it in different channels, you are almost certain that it will attract potential customers. If you can build an in-house production team that can create the video without hiring professional video producers, it will make the project less costly. This means that for a small investment, you can get higher revenue which means faster ROI and another capital for another business.